Brick Mailbox Doors

Brick Mailbox Replacement Door

Restore Your Brick Mailbox Door

As manufacturers of the highest quality cast aluminum brick mailbox replacement doors available, Better Box Mailboxes makes it easy to restore the appearance and functionality of your mailbox. Aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware means your new mailbox door will never rust or rot, and a 5-year UV electrostatic powder coated finish will give you lasting beauty. Also suitable for stone or stucco mailboxes, our brick mailbox replacement door inserts are the hassle-free choice for repairing worn, broken, or missing mailbox doors.



Heavy Duty Brick Mailbox Door

Cost-Effective Brick Mailbox Repair

A well-maintained brick, stone, or stucco mailbox can serve as a beautiful addition to your property. However, a missing or damaged door can quickly transform your mailbox from an enhancement to an eyesore. Brick mailbox replacement door inserts make it possible to repair your mailbox without the hassle or expense of extensive modifications. By eliminating the need to remove the old mailbox from the structure, you can avoid issues with fitting a new mailbox and possible structure repair.

Easy-to-Install Replacement Door Inserts

Brick Mailbox Door Inserts

Our standard 6" and 8" brick mailbox door sizes will fit most mailboxes. Measure your door across the bottom to determine the size needed for your repair project. Installation is simple and can be completed in just three steps:

  1. Cut the old mailbox flush with the brick, stone, or stucco surface.
  2. Check for proper fit and make final surface preparation.
  3. Apply a generous bead of clear adhesive caulk and push the door flush into place.

With the replacement door installed, your mailbox will be restored to its original appearance and will continue to provide an attractive addition to your home for years to come.